Opticlean Solution

Opticlean Solution

1. The solution is used to avoid the FLUFF Accumulation on the Bottom
roller surfaces at each point of Textile applications.
2. It is having Anti-static properties & economical-concentrated
3. The OC solution to be diluted according to the application.
4. It is Safe & Gentle for use on the Fluted roller surfaces.
5. The OC solution contains no harmful chemical.
6. It is natural organic product and it will not effect any damages on
the surfaces of bottom rollers.

1. The 1 Litre concentrated solution to be diluted with 30 Litres of Water.
2. The proportionate of oil to be diluted only during cleaning time.
3. The diluted solution to be dipped with hosiery cloth and apply gently
on the surfaces of Bottom rollers for better performance.
4. The Opticlean solution is used to clean the Bottom roller surfaces and
flute portions at every Cleaning schedule to remove wax and dirt


The Solution is specially manufactured to Avoid Fluff Accumulation on the Bottom Rollers Knurled or Fluted surfaces by forming a thin coating (microns) on a surfaces and dirt Particles in flutes.

Also its not allowing the accumulation of the dust particles from the Cotton / Yarn, will improve the Quality of end products.

Peaks & periodic variations due to the Fluff / Dust Accumulations could be avoided It is a cost effective.

Improved quality of end products. Easy to use during every cleaning schedules.